Skill Development

Skill Development

Tara Academe is a school for skill development based in the Delhi region in India. Developing effective learning skills confers the ability to focus on what is most meaningful and truly important to us. If you are looking for intellectual skill development and cognitive enhancement from the ages of 4 to adult, Tara Academe can offer valuable, thoroughly evidence based learning skill development modules that can markedly improve school performance, facilitate career selection and vocation and help you or your ward to successfully negotiate the demands, competitiveness and the challenges of modern life.

Tara is a buddhist deity, also known as the “mother of liberation” and represents the virtues of success in work and achievements. Tara Academe’s vision is to enable all to find the means to focus on and realize what is most important in their lives!

Developing intellectual abilities and learning skills to markedly improve academic performance and vocational skills!

skill development

Tara Academe offers the thoroughly research driven Structure of Intellect Model of Learning that is a system of assessments and training that hones and develops cognitive skills and, intends to host online vocational training courses of which, the medical transcription course is the first. The structure of intellect model of learning is probably the most effective and tested system for radically improving the way a child learns and is acclaimed as the world’s best system of skill development.

Training in learning skills is not really offered in schools in India and research has shown that doing this enables children as well as young adults to study, play, create and fashion their lives more successfully. Learning skill development significantly improves school performance in those with learning challenges and poor study and learning habits and usually means the difference between success and failure in all of life’s endeavors.

Effective skill development, especially in children is hard to bring about. If you think that skill development is only for adults, you would be wrong. All children have the capacity to excel. What is needed is a focused and result oriented as well as evidence based approach. Developing the right components of the intellect in a child can result in tremendous global improvements and the process of intellectual development can be briefly described in the following stages:

  • Diagnosis or recognition
  • Targeted intervention
  • Ingraining and practice
  • Assessment of improvement

skill development in children


The key in effective skill development in both children and adults is identifying deficits accurately. This generally means working with a paradigm that has a well defined approach towards delineating what components are involved in function, intelligence and information processing so that these components can be effectively accessed and worked upon.

What is even more important is to rigorously exercise these components so that there is a translation of skill development training into real world benefits. Say, for instance, you use the structure of intellect method of intellectual enhancement. With this method, hundreds of components of the intellect are periodically and searchingly exercised and this results in marked improvement in all aspects of the child’s functioning, simply because these components form the bedrock of the mechanisms that enable the child to learn, process, create, problem solve and thrive.

The Illiterate of the future will not be those who cannot read, it will be those who cannot learn